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Graham S
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Re: New Firmware Release 1.096 beta

Post by Graham S » Sun Nov 02, 2014 5:04 pm

Hi Ioannis,
Are there any known problems with the SDWN button behaviour on 1.096?

If I initiate a file safe shutdown via the PiCo interface, while powered from EPR, things proceed as planned:
  • Two colour UPiS LED begins blinking red (slowly)
  • GPIO.input(27) goes low
  • My python shutdown script detects the GPIO change and initiates various shutdown processes, including opening the relay
  • As a last action my python script shuts down the Pi
  • After a short while the Pi is powered off
  • The two colour LED blinks green rapidly (EPR power source?)
However, if I press the UPiS SDWN button I don't seem to get the same behaviour:

If I just click the button one or twice - nothing happens at all - I've waited 5 mins or more.
  • The two color LED continues blinking green rapidly (EPR power source?)
On the third press however, the UPiS just seems to reboot rather than shutdown:
  • The two color LED doesn't blink red
  • I instantly lose contact with the Pi (via WiFi connection)
  • I don't see the shutdown broadcast message in any open SSH window
  • The Pi comes back online after 30 seconds and doesn't shutdown
It looks to me like the SDWN button isn't triggering file safe shutdown and is instead triggering a reset (after several presses). I've checked carefully and I'm definitely pressing SDWN and not RST. I'm reluctant to test this further for fear of corrupting my SD card. Have you seen this before?

Whilst testing the upis command I did change a number of PiCo registers, but I can't think of any that could cause this behaviour.

I want to use the SDWN button as a fall back in case software monitoring doesn't react properly.

Any suggestions?

Can I also ask about fssd_timeout value (PiCo 0x6B,0x03). Is the maximum time the UPiS will wait? i.e. will power be cut to the Pi earlier if the minimum current threshhold is achieved earlier?

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Re: New Firmware Release 1.096 beta

Post by vtcs2k01 » Mon Jan 12, 2015 9:37 pm

Couple quick questions on version 1.096:

I'm currently using the serial interface to check the power source of the upis, then again to send the @SDWN command. Is Pico the preferred method, or will serial continue to work in later firmware versions?

I noticed that when using the upis USB or external power, the upis would not switch to battery when either source was removed. Instead, the pi and upis shut down (LPR mode) after about 1 second. If I was using the pi USB, then the upis acts normally. This seems to be an issue with this version of the firmware. When I downgraded to 1.07, the two upis sources acted as they should (switching to battery).

With this working, my in-car application is almost complete! After the car shuts off, the pi counts a 90 second timer (while on battery). If the times expires before power returns, then the pi shuts down gracefully. Excellent product!
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