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Forum is going back to be available

Post by Pimaster » Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:40 pm

Dear User/Customers/Fans

Thank you for your support until now!
During the last months we have had a huge problem with the technical support forum for our products, as we received multiple attacks/spams that makes the platform practically not possible to use it, as there ware collected more that 38 000 posts with spam. That was practically making us impossible to approve "normal" posts as we had to filter all the other spam posts. That caused us a periodic absence of support via our forum. We finally moved the forum to a different hosting, cloud based, where all upgrading and protection are passed to cloud owner.It is possible that some posts might be deleted or missed , due to the process of cleaning the spam.

We are also going to release of a new website with many support resources
for urgent for technical support use
[EDIT1]: We are still checking the base of 8000 fake registered users (most of them are used for spam making posts)
[EDIT2]: We have deleted 8000 user (most of them ware fake) however it is possible that some "normal" users have been deleted . Please accept our apologize for that. We used filter for non active users (zero posts) as a rule for delete
[EDIT2]: There are many user (also fake) that posts with semi real texts, we are currently working on them. No posts has been approved.

Thank you for your patience and support
Warmest Regards
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