UPiS or UPiS - now that is the question!

Uninterruptible Power intelligent Supply Module
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UPiS or UPiS - now that is the question!

Post by SlySven » Thu Jul 07, 2016 1:15 am

I was a little concerned to read on a .eu domain suffix website with a name like the original product of a device - described as a device called a "UPiS" that is: "An Uninterruptable Power Supply for the Raspberry Pi with built-in lithium-ion battery and mains power supply" - sounds familiar doesn't it. On further investigation I found what it ISN'T, the UPiS device "like wot I got!" :o

It does appear to be a complete unit with a 2800mAh Li-something battery - but with much less potential then the devices here - on the other hand it does seem to operate to that more limited functionality, as described! :roll:

Question is - who has the rights to the UPiS name? :evil:

[MODERATOR EDIT]: I have removed from your post, this company url. We do not offer a free advertising service for people that have used our product name.

[Subsequent Poster edit:] :oops: sorry :oops: it was a bit insensitive to explicitly quote the other product site - I must learn to be a bit more indirect in future in linking to commercial sites!

Actually - I wasn't asking about your use of (expensive) Commercial/Propriatory CAD software and compilers to make your product - I'm a bit of a GPL fanatic myself and I'd always suggest at least considering the GNU (free and open source software!) gEDA suite (I trust I can mention them) for Electronics CAD - but I guess you get what you pay for...! :D

Should you ever wish to set the design of your product free it may well be that the design files can be converted into an open format. Opening up the design would massively encourage the adoption and evolution of the product at the very BIG cost of loss of control of same. You'd then only maintain a source of income from production of reliable, up to date versions - possibly in kit form, from those who want the product from a producer who is willing to support purchasers (who would have to be persuaded not to buy obsolete clones at dirt cheap prices on uncertain delivery lead times and dodgy customs duty status from the Far East - for whom the concept of Intellectual Property Rights do not exist!) :twisted: :cry: On The Other Hand - there are free compilers for a lot of the PIC device hardware (though they may not be as efficient as the MicroChips proprietary one thus those home-brewing code may have to sacrifice some features - like the currently unavailable XTEA stuff) - so there could be a whole group of "interested" users who want to get the best of their UPiS & Pico & other future products and they will have a vested interest in getting things working properly, ironing out bugs in the firmware and also developing new and novel uses and developments. Of course, managing them will be like "herding cats"!

Anyhow, thanks for coming up with the idea of the UPiS and Pico products and actually producing them, I do recommend them to be considered for anyone who want or need an RPi UPS - and there are thousands, if not potentially millions of THOSE. However, many of your users are hanging on, hoping for better firmware (1.096 Beta is nearly two years old now isn't it) to cure issues that have emerged over the years that are affecting the products, just, please don't forget about us!
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Re: UPiS or UPiS - now that is the question!

Post by Pimaster » Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:04 am

Somebody have taken our product name and trying to make advertising using our product name.
We do not any relation with this one product and company.
Now you received the answer why we can not have open schematic and firmware for our products.
Probably even the name must be registered
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