[JESSIE] RTC Installation Step-by-Step

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[JESSIE] RTC Installation Step-by-Step

Post by cresfang » Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:04 am

1. Run sudo apt-get -y install i2c-tools

2. Run sudo nano /etc/modules and check, make sure to have the following items in the file and add what is missing


3. Run sudo nano /boot/config.txt and add the following line:


4. Reboot system by sudo reboot

5. Run sudo apt-get -y remove fake-hwclock && sudo update-rc.d -f fake-hwclock remove

6. Run sudo nano /lib/udev/hwclock-set and comment out these three lines:

#if [ -e /run/systemd/system ] ; then
# exit 0

7. Run date to verify the time is correct.

8. Plug in Ethernet or WiFi to let the Pi sync the right time from the Internet. Once that's done, run sudo hwclock -w to write the time, and another sudo hwclock -r to read the time.

That's it, next time you reboot, the clock will be sync'd automagically from RTC.
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