UPS PIco HV3.0B+ HAT Advanced 450 for Pi 3 B+

Support for the UPS PIco HV3.0A Plus and UPS PIco HV3.0B Plus
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UPS PIco HV3.0B+ HAT Advanced 450 for Pi 3 B+

Post by sandrobilbeisi » Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:22 pm

Congratulations on the rapid reaction to the announcement of the RaspBerry Pi 3 B+ !
I just saw the announcement on the PiModules homepage today !!!

UPS PIco HV3.0B+ HAT Advanced 450

the excellence in Pi UPSes has refreshed itself immediately !

excerpt from the packing list:
Not Soldered 2x8 Pins headers for all specified below I/Os
Not Soldered High Voltage and Relay Terminal Blocks
Not Soldered 2 x Gold Plated Reset Pin
Not Soldered Electromagnetic Sounder
Not Soldered ON/OFF slide switch
Not Soldered bi-Stable Relay with apropriate TB
is it possible to have a few parts pre-soldered such as the gold-plated pogo pins ?
the pogo pins especially require sub-millimeter accuracy
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