How to restart PI using internal battery only

Support for the Uninterruptible Power Supply
with Peripherals and I2C control Interface
Raspberry Pi® B+, A+, B, and A
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How to restart PI using internal battery only

Post by LightMyPi » Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:36 pm

I'm trying to figure out, how to press buttons and/or set i2c variables to restart a battery powered upspico Pi3 setup :?:

My setup:
Raspberry PI3
upspico 1.1 TopEnd (FW: 5C), default battery
Soldered Pi3 JumperWire ("Gold Plated reset pin")
No power over cable connected (Neither default power supply, nor usb battery)
No internal variables modified
All green and yellow jumper attached.

It seems my upspico works like intended when using with cable power. FSSD is working, picofssd too, i2c too. LED's blink like described in the manual.

However I dont know what I have to change to make it work when not using power cable. That means, I want to press a button on the upspico to turn on the PI and I want to press a button (or an FSSD when battery % is too low) to turn it off. When i run the PI normally, remove cable power, FSSD shuts down the system completely, no blinking LED's after a period of time. Pressing either FSSD, UPSR or RPIR short or for two seconds, nothing happens.
I have to connect cable again.

Either my scenario is not supported or I have overlooked something in the manual.

Best regards
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